Towards a healthy future with
hard work and devotion

The most important asset we have is our health.

This is exactly why we use our centennial experience to offer our consumers nutrition in a healthy way. We endeavor to our fullest to hand down this tradition to the future generations.

Our Values

Quality and Food
Safety Policy

We support our priority of quality and food safety with our strong production infrastructure based on science and technology. We inspect the excellence of each product produced in accordance with the requirements of the relevant legislation and offer healthy and nutritious flavors to our customers.

Customer Satisfaction

We consider our consumers and all of our customers, allowing our products in their kitchen, as the most valuable part of our family and we steer our development path in the light of their feedback.


Out-of-home consumption is a service area shaped by a wide range and different production methods. Therefore, in the light of our strong R&D activities, we develop special recipes for the requirements and expectations of our customers serving in the field of HO-RE-CA channel.
By this practice we put into practice in our industrial products, we enrich our product range and therefore responding to customer demands at the highest level with the products we have prepared according to the requested specifications. Our customers, trusting 90 years of Emek quality for the most suitable product for them enjoy this privilege and continue to enhance the flavor in their meals.

Social Responsibility Policy

Everything we gain through the fertility of this land is spent for its values. We continue to be beneficial to our country and society with our strong support to education, sports, culture and arts activities.

Environmental Policy

In order to contribute to the sustainability of nature, we place value emphasis on the efficient use of resources and the diffusion of pro environmental technologies in our entire processes.

Occupational Safety Policy

We appreciate our employees bringing us into existence with their valuable endeavor. We endeavor with the principle of maximum occupational safety in the entire fields of business activity in order to demonstrate our gratitude and how we value them in the best possible way. We focus on eliminating hazard at source to achieve zero occupational accident and prevent workforce losses.

Great efforts
made on us! 

We have never considered ourselves just as producers. We have never forgotten that the crops of the fertile lands of Anatolia and the efforts of the Turkish farmers adding value to these lands have played a major role in our existence today. The seeds that are collected with great efforts and the fruitfulness pressed from fresh fruits…

Since day one of our establishment, we have meticulously planned the journey of our products, starting from the fruit sprouting from the soil to the table of our customers. Therefore, every Emek product which meets unique tastes in different cuisines means a source of happiness for us.