Flavors Passing Down From One Generation To Another

Emek has always been a representative of a tradition in flavor with its perception of quality and perfect service passing down from one generation to another.

Emek is a brand that has been managed to maintain the same quality and flavor for its customers with the products prepared under superior hygienic conditions with the help of the cutting-edge technology production track and professional efforts for 90 years. Today Emek, just like in the past, continues to offer its customers the flavors they can safely consume with innovative approaches by maintaining its traditions.

Our Perception of Quality & Production

Sustainable Quality

Emek offers its superior quality by combining cutting-edge technology with 90 years of experience and with the joy of customer satisfaction, always seeking for better flavors and benefit for the customers based on scientific data. The laboratory and quality assurance team endeavoring unceasingly with this motivation and having the justified pride in sharing this success with you by receiving thumbs up from audits at global standards. With this meticulous approach to quality standards, Emek has become an approved supplier of global food companies and has existed in all world cuisines with its flavor.


Safe Food

Emek is the first vegetable oil producer in Turkey that uses vertical ice condensing technology in order to carry the entire nutritional value of natural tastes to its customers without sustaining any loss. Emek cares about your health as much as your sense of taste. Through this method, which has strong vacuum and low deodorization temperature, it maintains its high Vitamin E content and the products therefore lack trans fats. With the same awareness, the company differentiates itself in terms of customer satisfaction in the food sector by applying other global quality and food safety standards entirely in its production. The company is well-aware that its customer base consists of people from all age groups and brings its unique flavor to your tables in the safest form.

World Class Laboratories

In order to ensure the reliability and control of its laboratories, Emek participates in the international laboratory proficiency and competency testing such as FAPAS (Food Analysis Performance Assessment Scheme), one of the most prestigious laboratories of the UK and Uzzk (International Olive Oil Council ), one of the most reliable laboratories of Turkey, and also quality control center is audited continuously. With a total of 75 control points, risks that may pose threats for the health of the consumers are prevented accordingly and controlled even prior to emerging.

Ice Condensing technology is also known for its environmental benefits due to the fact that odor substances are not released into the environment and are disposed of as closed circuits. The same technology also reduces water consumption by 10 times.